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        Yang Yang improvement of customer satisfaction system

        Date:2012-11-10 15:33 | Click:

        The customer is the enterprise survival and the fundamental condition, how to retain customers, how to develop the new customer, has been the production company sales department first. Only do a good job in the service, to win more orders for the production of.

        For this, company at the beginning will offer the following customer satisfaction system improvement objectives:

        1, build customer files, customer survey, to ensure the satisfaction rate of more than 87.5%.

        2, in accordance with the standard requirements, the internal quality management assessment review. Using scientific methods of statistical analysis, find the existing problems, puts forward improvement measures.

        3, corrective and preventive measures to eliminate the failure factors, to ensure the production and quality of products.

        4, group field of cleaner production management, to ensure safe and civilized production.

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