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        SS heat interchanger
        Product name:SS heat interchanger
        Product use: petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals
        Product model: FB System
        Price: Mail Or Fax
        Date: 2012-11-15
        Online consulting 

        SS heat interchanger
        The heat exchanger is used for heat transfer between the material . With this device so that the material can reach the specified temperature to meet the technical requirements. Using a combination of various heat exchanger, can use a variety of levels of energy fully and rationally, so that reduce unit product energy consumption, thereby reducing the cost of the product to get good value .

        Heat exchanger can be divided into two categories according to the device structure namely,plate-and-frame type heat exchanger and shell and tube heat exchanger.Chip plate heat exchanger is combination of plate-fin and shell-type spiral.Shell and tube heat exchanger is a compostion of shell and tube plate devices.

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