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        Blade-type glass-lined agitator
        Product name:Blade-type glass-lined agitator
        Product use: Fittings
        Product model: FB System
        Price: Mail Or Fax
        Date: 2012-11-13
        Online consulting 

        Blade-type Glass-lined Agitators
        Structural features:
        Glass-lined water airfoil axial impeller, which consists of glass-lined special steel for the base material, according to mixing theory and fluid mechanics as a guide, using reasonable structural parameters and structure type.Blade airfoil formed by the high water profile,spray enamel glaze on external, high temperature firing.Extremely resistant to corrosion, but also energy efficient mixing capabilities. Compared to traditional kindes of agitator,there are apparent advantages:
        1.Mixing is more uniform, shorten more than 20% of time:
        2.More than 30% of reduction in energy consumption:
        3.The product yield increase on different levels based on the sensitivity of the process。


        45 degree and 60 degree blade type agitator is used for multipurpose reactor.Compared with anchor,paddle and impeller type, the reaction effect on agitating, mixing has been increased by 30%.

        30 degree blade type agitator is used for particle suspension, medium precipitation and crystalization reaction process and has obvious agitating effect.
        90 degree blade type agitator is used for gas-liquid reaction.It has excellent effect on gas absorption and dissipation.
        Multi-layer blade agitator could have special agitating effect and the angle of each layer blade could be different.
        45 degree and 60 degree blade ,together with the ingress pipe introducing gas could have extraordinary effect, making the agitating more sufficient .In the larger vessel, the multi-layer blade agitator could improve the agitating effect.
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