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        GLass-lined plates-type condenser
        Product name:GLass-lined plates-type condenser
        Product use: petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals
        Product model: P1,P2,P0.5
        Price: Mail Or Fax
        Date: 2012-11-15
        Online consulting 

        GLass-lined plates-type condenser
        The condenser is composed of overlapping type assembly members such as a cover, bottom, body ( median plate of the condenser) and washer ( covered with four fluorine rubber blanket), metal pipe, U- hose and fasteners and other parts.

        The heat exchange area of this device has a large and flexible adjustability, and it can assemble by increasing or decreasing the number of body (median plate of the condenser) according to the needs of user’s production process, in the adjustment of 5~20㎡ generally.

        A plate type heat exchanger with heat transfer area of 10㎡, total height of 1410 mm, and diameter of Φ 900 mm. A glass lining sleeve type heat exchanger with the similar area with the height of 2200 mm, outside diameter Φ1015 mm, so in contrast, the structure of plate type heat exchanger is compact and light etc.

        Heat flow condenses by exchanging heat through the reverse flow of heat airflow and cooling water heat exchange. The lamellar spacing is small and uniform, and medium spreads repeatedly diffusion to meet the flow, which effectively improves the heat exchange efficiency.

        After the equipment is used, if found it is damaged, the parts can be replaced partially and combined again, so that it will not cause the complete machine to be scrapped, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment.

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